A Different Approach

ROIRG’s approach differs from typical staffing firms.

Our Approach

Clients want qualified people who match their technical and cultural requirements who can make immediate contributions. Candidates want to be treated with respect, viewed as valuable, and aligned with opportunities that meet their needs and interests. ROIRG’s approach differs from typical staffing firms, with a focus on fulfilling these goals:


  • Subject matter expert reviews – how many staffing firms have access to IT SMEs and leaders with the capacity to vet their candidates? Not many – but we do. One of ROIHS’ subject matter experts screens every candidate to assess their technical capabilities and fit for each client, which ultimately saves everyone time.
  • Extensive database of candidates – ROIRG has one of the most targeted and high-quality compilations of Healthcare IT specialists, collected over the course of many years, which accelerates the talent identification process.
  • Access to passive candidates with deep technical and functional experience – both active and passive candidates may be a perfect fit for your engagement. However, most talent firms have access to the same active candidates. Passive candidates, however, aren’t as easy to find and may not be looking for a new opportunity right now. ROIRG has deep, long-standing relationships with many such people – and we have skills and rapport to activate them for the right client opportunity.
  • Web-based personality/skills assessment tools – ROIRG has figured out how to successfully implement comprehensive, simple-to-use evaluation tools that help us quickly identify optimal client-culture matches.
  • Local talent – depending upon the role and level of client interaction, ROIRG prefers to engage talent within close proximity to client locations in order to manage stress, work/life balance needs, and increase efficiency by cutting back on travel time. However, some resources enjoy and seek out opportunities to travel to new client environments. Our vetting process evaluates the best fit based on the requirements and preferences of each candidate and client scenario.